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"This is the greatest quote I have ever said. Probably too great for this website. I'll probably change it before the site goes live"

  -- Melvin Toast

A Halo Called Fred has spent the last two decades making the geekiest sounds ever to spring from guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware. Featuring songs about pirates, cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. They have lent their talents to Burlesque shows, motion picture soundtracks, a rock opera, and host the annual charity event "The Freaky Mutant Weirdo Variety Show". Specializing in counter-cultural and geeky conventions, the Halo is proud to bring musical joy to any gathering. From Setampunks to Fairies, Bikers to Furries, our message always rings true - "We Love You All!"


The Halo currently shines on

Geverend Dee

Plays the guitars Gimli, Woody, Strum-Strum, and Swirly. Also most of the singing. His invisible friend Chester stands directly to his left.

Brushwood Thicket Farmer

Plays the indescribable Bang-O-Tron. Cookie tin and tupperware donations accepted.


Plays bass units The Shark and Uprighty and Magdalena the mandolin. Master of audio.


Plays violins Baby Vee and Betty White and sometimes Uko Ono the Ukulele.


Invisible Friend


cosmic vibes


The Halo also shined on

Jim Bob Rubbernecker

Jim Bob Rubbernecker

bass, occasional keyboards & singing, video editing

Last Robot

Last Robot

Documentarian, Filmmaker, Videographer

Gerrymiah T. Bullfrog

Gerrymiah T. Bullfrog

another guitar

The Adhesive Queen

The Adhesive Queen


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